Diamond saw blade production process

The development of new wear-resistant and stable super hard cutting tools is the subject of research in many universities, research institutes, and enterprises. Diamond combines many excellent properties such as mechanics, optics, thermal, acoustics, and optics, and has a very high hardness, low friction coefficient, high thermal conductivity, low coefficient of thermal expansion, and chemical inertia, which makes it an ideal material for manufacturing cutting tools. According to the process of manufacturing diamond saw blades for classification, diamond saw blades can be divided into sintered diamond saw blades, welded diamond saw blades and electroplated diamond saw blades. This article provides a brief introduction to these three processes.

Sintered diamond saw blades
Sintered diamond saw blades are divided into two types: cold-pressing sintering and hot-pressing sintering. The so-called cold-press sintering is similar to the powder metallurgy sintering molding method. Forming first will contain a certain amount of fluorine plastic (mostly suspension polymer resin powder) into the mold, in the role of pressure pressed into the dense shape of the blank (also known as ingot material, cold billet, or blank), and then to the baking chamber for sintering, after cooling that become products. The so-called hot pressing sintering is to fill the dry powder into the model, and then from the uniaxial direction while pressing and heating, so that the molding and sintering at the same time to complete a kind of sintering method. Nowadays, sintered diamond saw blades are mostly pressed and sintered by using hot press sintering.


Welding diamond saw blade
Welded diamond saw blade is divided into brazing and laser welding two kinds. Brazing is to weld the cutter head and the substrate together by melting the medium at high temperatures, such as high-frequency induction brazing saw blades, vacuum brazing saw blades, etc.; laser welding is to melt the cutter head and the substrate contact edge by the high-temperature laser beam to form a metallurgical bond.

Electroplated diamond saw blades
Electroplated diamond saw blades are made by attaching the blade powder to the substrate through electroplating. Electroplated diamond saw blades consume more energy in the production process and cause quite serious pollution to the environment. With the improvement of production levels and the importance of environmental protection in the world, electroplated diamond saw blades have gradually faded out of people’s view.

Post time: Apr-03-2023